Hello everyone!

Peoria dogs is a place for dog owners in the Peoria, Illinois area.  It has a calendar of events for dog owners and often their dogs too.  It also has a directory of businesses in the Peoria area that dog owners need.  The website also has a page listing places in Peoria that you can take your dog to enjoy time together.

In the future on this homepage a monthly video show called Peoria dogs will be posted here with information on current going ons in the area.

Until we get up and going I hope you enjoy seeing the building work going on here 🙂


11 thoughts on “Hello everyone!

  1. Linda Glackin says:

    Very nice and long needed for our community. Gemma, my Black Lab, and I thank you and look forward to the growth of Peoria Dogs.

    • andersondawn says:

      Thanks! I’ve added you under businesses …. training
      Eventually I’ll have premium listings where you can pay to get multiple categories, pictures, etc but for now I’m putting everybody in as a basic listing.

    • andersondawn says:

      Thanks Vicki! Food’s such a big topic but I’ll work on it. That one might take me a bit though. I appreciate the feedback!

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