If you’re looking for a dog, consider rescuing one!   They can make some of the best pets!  But before you start looking and fall for a cute face or sad story, there’s a lot to consider.  A dog is a lifetime commitment, so don’t go into it lightly.  Consider these  things first…

  • Your family: Do you have kids? fragile elderly visitors? lots of people or just you?  Does everyone want a dog ?  Is anyone in the family prone to allergies?  Do you have other pets?
  • Your home:  How big or small is it? Do you have a fenced in yard or a good clear safe route to walk? Do you have lease restrictions?  Do you have nice white carpet or fancy flooring?  Do you have a nice couch or other things that you’ll be devastated if a dog chews?  Also consider the climate where you live.  If you want a dog to go to the beach with you, you don’t want one with a heavy coat made for winter.
  • Your lifestyle: Do you have the time to take care of a puppy?  They take a lot of time and energy and all dogs want company at least part of the day. Do you travel a lot, will you bring them along? Are you more social? active? a homebody?
  • Finances: Dogs require regular vet care and vaccines, tags from animal control, grooming, food, treats, and other things regularly.  They also get sick and injured and can drive up costly vet bills.  Are you prepared for the expenses?
  • The dog: Little dog or big dog (Personally, I love big dogs but they do cost more in addition to taking up more space)  A puppy will be a ton of work  and an older dog may need a quieter life.   A working dog will want to be busy  and need exercise versus other breeds may want to be your lap dog.  Some dogs tend to be more affectionate than others.  Some can be stubborn and need a strong owner.  Some breeds are guard dogs and will not welcome strangers, others will love everyone! Some dogs shed more and others  need their coat cut.
  • Dogs chew,  have pee and poo accidents, and bark sometimes.  No dog is perfect.

Once you’ve decided what kind of dog would fit well for you…there are a number of shelters and rescues in the area.  The following websites list dogs available at various shelters and rescue:

Or you can contact individual rescues and shelters directly

Petfinder has lots of information on adopting, adjustment, and caring for your new furry friend here. has lots of good dog info too