Underdog Railroad: Rescuing Dogs Through Transport

Depending on where you live, dogs turned in to animal control have different chances at life or death. In some places animal controls have a high euthanasia rate.  They just have a lot more dogs than they have space for or can afford to house.  Basically there’s more supply than demand.  Sometimes they have to put down 80% or more of the animals they get. Other places, often in the Midwest or Canada, have people that want to adopt dogs but there aren’t enough.  Or rescues and people in these places are willing to take dogs until they find a home.  The need lies in getting these dogs from one place to another.  One way that this is accomplished is through transport networks of drivers, sometimes nicknamed “underdog railroads.”  Individuals volunteer to drive a few pets for a distance.  By breaking up the drive so each participant drives a shorter distance, it lessens the burden for volunteers.

Over the past couple of months I’ve gotten involved in one of these transport networks called Bootheel Paws Express. This group takes animals from Southeast Missouri to rescue groups throughout the Midwest.  I’ve done legs from Springfield to Bloomington IL, and/or Bloomington to Oglesby IL.  In this post I hope to give you a feel for what it’s like, and hopefully you’ll consider getting involved in some way near you. Continue reading “Underdog Railroad: Rescuing Dogs Through Transport”